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About VAP

Real estate Paris : About VAP

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Guarantee / Assurance:

Vivre à Paris is a licensed company "carte transaction" N°T11513.

We are members of the FNAIM , the first professional organisation of real estate agents in France. Our membership guarantees our ethics, our professionalism and our competence.

We are also members of the "French MLS".


1. You would like to engage us to sell your apartment:


The first step is to sign a ‘mandat de vente’, which authorises Vivre à Paris to sell your apartment. This contract is a legal requirement and sets out the methods we will employ to market your property: the advertised price, the vendor’s net price, the agency’s commission, the date of availability of your property etc.

We will then compile a photographic portfolio of your property, which will help us to illustrate its best characteristics. The photos will be posted on our sites www.vivreaparis.fr or www.vivreanice.fr. and will also be used to support press advertising, window displays as well as an exchange with our preferred international partners.

In order for us to find the best solutions to sell your property quickly and efficiently we will take charge of all marketing rights and costs (eg. property visits, valuations, marketing, press publication, internet publication). The agency fees will not be due until the sale of your property is final.



2. You would like to buy an apartment:



The best way for you to follow the movements of our properties for sale is to regularly visit our website, which is updated daily. Here you will find all the apartments in our portfolio.

Perhaps a more efficient solution is to meet with us at our offices. You will be greeted in a welcoming environment, designed by l’éditeur le plus célébre de meubles comtemporains, our partner SILVERA. Here we can attend to your needs and put together a research dossier for your project. You can also take away ideas regarding decoration if the need arises.

Should you be unable to visit us directly, please telephone us so that we can complete a file of your interests which will better help us understand your tastes and expectations around your project.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have. We are here to help you.



VAP informes you

Etat des risques naturels et technologiques

La loi risques n2003-699, du 30 juillet 2003, impose aux vendeurs et aux bailleurs d'informer tout acqureur ou locataire si le bien est situ dans une zone de risques naturels ...

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