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Required diagnostics

Diagnostics which are required to sell your apartment


As regards to daily energy consumption, the protection of over usage of energy and is monitored daily.  It applies to information on the property being sold that if there is a significant increase in the consumption, it must be provided to the purchaser prior to the sale.

  1. How do I obtain these technical documents?
  2. What is the cost for all the diagnostics services to be performed?
  3. How long are they valid?

The law currently requires with respect to sales transactions made in Paris, five (5) diagnostic studies:

  • Study of asbestos in the common areas and the private areas of the subject apartment
  • Study of termites (parasites) valid less than six (6) months
  • Study of the presence of lead risk (CREP)
  • Map of exposure to natural disasters
  • Study regarding the efficiency of the energy consumption of the property (since november 2006)

If the sale results in a property which is part of a homeowners association for a building more than 15 years old, it is also necessary to include:

  • Study regarding the solidity of the structure, conduits, collective drainage, and to determine that the common equipment is running safely.

This notwithstanding, there is still a requirement to provide the Loi Carrez (square meterage) certificate and building maintenance files, being 6 to 7 technical documents required.

The assemblage of the required documents is the responsibility of the seller and the company he engages to perform the studies.

How do I obtain these technical documents?

With regards to the technical diagnosis and the building maintenance log, it is the syndic who must provide you these documents. The syndic is obligated to provide them to you. Unfortunately, the law does not authorize us to request them on your behalf. You must request them directly from the syndic and remind them of their obligation to provide the documents to you in the event of a sale of your property.

With respect to the other technical documents required (Loi Carrez, asbestos, lead, termite (parasite), energy performance), it is necessary to engage a company that specializes in performing real estate diagnostic studies.

It is necessary to engage a professional who is insured, because you are responsible for the accuracy of the studies performed vis à vis the purchaser. In case of an error, the purchaser can come back to you for restitution. In this case, you can go back to the company that performed the diagnostics.  In order to ensure coverage, it is necessary to engage a company sufficiently insured for the suite of services and expertise they will provide.

We can provide you, upon request, with a list of competent, insured third party professionals who provide these services.

What is the cost for all the diagnostics services to be performed? Who must pay for them?

The cost will, of course, vary from one company to the other.  However, for all of the diagnostics, including the Loi Carrez, you can expect it to cost between 300 and 500€, depending upon the size of the apartment, indicated most often by the number of rooms.  Be careful to compare just the price when choosing a company. Not all the companies provide the same level of services, most notably the provision of floor plans.

All of the diagnostics must be provided by the seller.  You must plan to include the expense in the sales price, because it is the seller who will bear the expense. However, taking into account the price per square meter in Paris, the cost to perform these services is negligible compared to the selling price of the apartment.

If at the time preceding the sale, I have already had the diagnostic studies performed, is it necessary to have them redone? How long are they valid?

The certificate of law Carrez has no limit date of validity. If no alterations were made to the property and the measurement was performed by a qualified company, the certificate issued at the time of the preceding sale can be re-used. If there is any doubt, it is better to have the measurement redone and the certificate reissued, because in case of error, you may be obligated to refund part of the selling price.

The diagnostic study of the presence of lead must be dated from one month to the year of the initial sales agreement and the final sales agreement.  Please be aware regarding the time lapsed between the initial sales agreement and the final sales agreement signed at the notaires office if the certificate is issued more than 9 months.

When the asbestos study is negative, the certificate has no limit date of validity. The certificate of a previous sale can be reused. When there is a presence of asbestos, the level of dust contamination determines if it is required to perform work. In this case, it is necessary that the certificate be current indicating the presence and accessibility of asbestos contamination.

The parasitic (termite) study is valid up to six months. If the time lapsed between the initial sales agreement and the final sales agreement is more than six months, it will be necessary perform the study again. However, most of the companies allow for this and typically redo the study at no additional cost if it is necessary.

The map of exposure to natural disasters to be provided is the most recent plan by the local authorities. An old map is not necessarily valid.

With respect to the energy efficiency study, the rules, requirements and regulations have yet to be published.


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